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The Environment,

 SSWP ensures that all aspects of its forestry operations are in accordance with all national conventions and regulations.  SSWP understands that healthy forestry practices are essential to the longevity of our industry.  SSWP supports bio diversity and works with local government agencies to promote efficient low impact logging to ensure sustainable forest management.


Adherence to International Conventions and National Regulations: The Company’s operations in some of the Guiana Shield countries (Brazil, Guyana and Suriname) are in conformity with the International Conventions and National Forestry Regulations relating to the management of forestry concessions. It enforces the protection of the endangered species listed by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). SSWP respects the bio-diversity of the eco-systems, as well as the Intellectual Property Rights of the indigenous peoples, whose communities are the beneficiaries of the Company’s field operations.


Only Wallaba logs which are over 23” in diameter are used, thereby ensuring that only mature trees are felled. Young Wallaba trees remain in the forest, guaranteeing species availability in future generations.  Turada® Hardwood Shingles do not require chemical treatment, which makes them an environmentally responsible, green building product. They also weather over time to a beautiful silvery patina which results in a reflective, cool roof. This helps reduce environmental heating and keeps homes cooler.  A ‘Green’ Company: SSWP has an abiding interest in and is dedicated to being a Green Environmentally Responsible Company. SSWP is well aware of its corporate and social obligations to sustainable development.


GLOBAL DEMAND: Turada® Hardwood Shingles are highly valued, specified by architects worldwide, and distributed globally. Examples of projects that have used Turada® Hardwood Shingles include prestigious resorts, hotels, and villas in various countries such as Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, the Polynesian Islands, the Middle East, the United States and throughout the Caribbean.


* For more information, please refer to the – Guyana Forestry Commission Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting. 2nd edition


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