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Turada® Hardwood Shingles add a touch of rustic elegance to your home or vacation cabins. They are very attractive and go well in all settings. The Shingles are at the high end price-wise but if you want an authentic country look on your roof, there is no substitute. As Turada® Hardwood Shingles age they lose their reddish tone and take on a Silver hue.


Turada® Hardwood Shingles can give your home a classic rustic look while offering long-term protection for your roof. Not only are the Shingles good-looking, they also provide extra insulation R-Value (in comparison to other roofing products) and in most cases can install them over your existing roofing.


Installation of the Turada® Hardwood Shingles is no different than traditional wood shingles. They are installed with the same tools and methods as a cedar roof. Contractors who regularly install cedar shingles will find that there is very little difference to the installation of Turada® Hardwood Shingles.


The following basic installation details must be observed.

1. Shingles must be doubled or tripled at all eaves.

2. Butts of first course shingles should project 1½” beyond the fascia.

3. Spacing between adjacent shingles (joints) should be a minimum of 1/4” and a maximum of 3/8”.

4. Joints in any one course should be separated not less than 1/2”from joints in adjacent courses; and in any three courses, no two joints should be in direct alignment.

7. Minimum length 1 ¾” Stainless Steel 5d Ring Shank Nails.

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